DC1 African Ethnic Tribal Medium Kente Backpack for Boys and Girls AVZ

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Product Serial Description

Our Kente backpack are made with 100% fading resistance oxford Kente fabric, neatly tailored for durability and utility. These backpacks have one large cushion compartment for giving protection to your laptop books and any other fragile material. It also has 3 Large size compartments   for holding your stationaries, phone, makeup kits and any other belongings you will put in your wallet or purse

They are meant for everyday use, work school, travel

Key Features

* Made from 100% fading resistance oxford Kente fabric

*  Size (L*W*H) inches 15*4*17

* Cushion Large compartment for extra protection for your laptop and any other fragile material  

* Adjustable straps with foam lining to give you comfort and to be usable by you or your kids

* 100% Money-back guarantee (Get your money back if you are not satisfied with our product)

* Ship from US. (Get this product 2 to 3 days after placing your order)

*  Proudly made in Africa by Artistic Africans

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