DC1 African Ethnic Tribal Gemstone Stretch 8mm Beaded Bracelet with Free Bracelet Kit GJL

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Product Serial Description

Our African Gemstone Bracelets made in Africa by talented African artisan is able to stretch to fit almost every wrist with a thick elastic cord which makes this product durable. The Gemstone gives the calm brightness nature of the bracelet which boost your confidence and the artistic arrangement of the Gemstone marbles on the thick elastic cord gives this undoubtedly  beauty to your wrist  very attractive to the eye therefore anybody around you can easily see the beauty of your wrist. The Gemstone is highly polished and smoothened which makes it comfortable on your wrist without any irritation. The bracelets comes with a free Jewelry kit for keeping your bracelet when you are not using it. It can also be given as a gift with the jewelry kit.

Key Features

* Made from highly polished and smoothened Gemstones to give comfort to your wrist without any irritation.

* This bracelet has the calm brightness which attract the human eye to its beauty making your wrist noticeable everywhere you go

* This bracelet can stretch to fit almost every wrist with a thick elastic cord making it durable and stretchable

*100% Money-back guarantee (Get your money back if you are not satisfied with our product)

* Shipped from US (Get this product 3 to 4 days after placing your order)

* Proudly made in Africa by Artistic Africans

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